Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) is an empirically supported, short-term approach to addressing trauma spectrum disorders for survivors of singular, multiple, and complex trauma. NET has repeatedly been proven effective across diverse cultures and settings to treat PTSD for adults and children who have survived traumas associated with sexual and domestic violence; war; natural disaster; and human trafficking.

In practice, NET combines a narrative approach with cognitive behavioral exposure techniques to address the neuropsychological effects of trauma and memory on a person’s interpersonal and intrapersonal functioning. Through this approach, clients benefit from contextualizing their trauma experiences in a holistic narrative that allows them to process emotions related to the trauma and develop clear contingencies for potentially dangerous and/or safe conditions. The client learns to connect fully to the emotional and physiological experiences of the traumatic experience while staying grounded in the “here and now”.


  • War Trauma
  • PTSD, Anxiety & Depression
  • Identities & Transitions
  • Movers and Shakers: Refugees, Migrants, Expats, Artists, Activists